A Social Innovations Laboratory

In a world where the have-nots are more widespread than the haves, the Social Development sector adresses the largest segment of the world’s population. Still the sector is considered as an industry that survives on the favors of the haves. This limits the sector by all means to innovate widely, and develop approaches, that can bring the haves and have-nots closer, to form a more equitable society.

While all sectors and industries have Innovation laboratories to churn out new technologies, products and services, the Social Sector is deprived of such a laboratory. Reason: All doles and favors prefer to support only age-old practices (so called ‘Proven’), as returns on these investments are not always tangible or profit making, and therefore risking such investments on innovations, are discouraged. Result: As the world of haves grows leaps and bounds, the world of have-nots remains comparatively deprived always, with its numbers swelling, as world economy slowly but steadily concentrates towards the haves.

Identifying the need of a laboratory, as a virgin land that required exploration, a group of professionals with many years of corporate experience, but with socially inclined hearts, decided to dedicate the rest of their lives in this quest.

Thus OASiS – A Social Innovations Laboratory was born.

Executive Body

Pradeep Ghosh
Shibani Ghosh
Nishant Pagare

1 JAN 2001

Founder leaves IT Career to explore Social Sector