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We identify/receive problems and issues in the social sector; research reasons behind their long existence; develop replicable solutions to address them; pilot the solutions; develop them into models; and then gives them out to the social sector for replication.

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CESS – Social Security System for all communities

A Consumption and Expense based Social Security system for Communities with poor and inconsistent Incomes, creating Livelihood security, Economic security, Food security, Health security, and Old-age security for them, and removing social, gender discrimination among…
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SSEPIA LABS for Universities and Institutes

SSEPIA LABS (Social Innovation Labs), create a platform for Industry, Community, University, Corporate and Government to come together. While Industries share their social and environmental problems, University/Institute Students design and implement solutions for them. It…
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SCALE Social Credit System for Volunteering

A unique system giving benefits for Learning and Employment, to mobilise Youth, Educational Institutions, and Corporate towards Social Volunteering. Using a 360 deg Appraisal method for assessing social contribution, the system awards social credits to…