A Social Innovations Laboratory


“Every human being – a Socially Secured Citizen”


“To organize systems and approaches that empowers every citizen, towards a socially equitable and economically sustainable status”.


To become a platform and a Lab of Social Innovations in India, where people from all walks of life can bring in their wild ideas on social development, experiment the same, and become social entrepreneurs.

Approach & Methodology

With a mission to continuously innovate for the sector, and devise models and approaches that can help social sector organizations and deprived sections of society, solve their long standing problems, OASiS has set out on a path untraced and unpaved.

With enough experience and fresh ideas in its bags, OASiS is also helping budding and aspiring Social Entrepreneurs. People willing to dedicate the rest of their lives towards social good, use OASiS as their stepping stone. They either replicate the models developed by OASiS in their own regions, or bring their fresh ideas to the table. OASiS helps the Social Entrepreneurs take their ideas from the ideation stage to the pilot stage. Once their pilot becomes operationally and financially self-sustainable, OASiS helps the Entrepreneurs develop them as model for replication, and take them forward.

Many Social Entrepreneurs have used the Social Innovation Lab, and have made big strides in the sector with their models. Almost all models that have come out of the Lab, have won Innovation Awards at national and international levels.

OASiS has now opened its doors to Universities and Institutes, who would like their students with brilliant ideas, to walk the roads of social entrepreneurship. These students can use OASiS’s mentoring program to take their ideas to the pilot stage and beyond.

Students not exposed to this earlier, can take OASiS’s ‘Certificate course on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, and develop new ideas for Development. They can then take their ideas further, through the mentoring program as well.

Anyone from the Corporate wishing to make a move to the social sector, Students from any institute and stream wishing to do something great and long enough for society, are welcome to OASiS.

Social sector organizations that have identified long standing problems and want solutions, are also welcome to send their problems to OASiS. We can help you find a solution.